Wanna Make More Money From Your Email List?

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We’ll test your list and beat your numbers or charge you NOTHING!

That’s how confident we are that we are the BEST at making money for you with your email list :-). So…

Who are we?

At Warrior Management, we specialize in helping direct to consumer business owners make more money off their email lists.

We do this in 5 simple (but not easy) steps…

  1. We leverage our network of advertisers to find the products that convert the best with your followers.
  2. We negotiate max commissions for you to promote their products and services.
  3. We optimize email cretatives to ensure every mailing we send for you gives you the most bang for your buck.
  4. We manage your delivery to ensure that your emails don’t end up in the SPAM folder
  5. We manage all cashflow and invoicing so you can focus on building your business instead of hunting down money every single month (Trust me, this is a pain in the ass)!

The best part is…

Even though we’re technically an email marketing agency, we don’t view ourselves like this. You see…

We’re looking for partners that are GREAT at acquiring customers for their products and services but who don’t have the time or energy to build a profitable backend using email. So…

If you feel like you’re a good fit, here’s how we work…

  1. We do a quick call to make sure this sounds like a viable partnership.
  2. We jump in and take over your email marketing for a week.
  3. If we feel this is a good partnership, we send you a few different offers to work together.

What happens after that? Well there’s one of 2 things…

  1. If you’d like to continue, just let us know what option you like and then start collecting checks monthly without having to do any work.
  2. If you don’t like the options, or if we don’t beat your numbers, we send you 100% of the money we earned and will take no fees whatsoever!
It’s that simple! So…

If you’re interested in learning more, submit the form below and we’ll reach out to schedule a call :-).

And if you’re on the fence, here’s a few notes from clients who have worked with us…

We partnered with Warrior Management just to do a few PM email sends per week and some data management ... they added over $100,000 PER MONTH to my business ← NO joke.

BOTTOM line these guys know email and know how to monetize it! You’d be silly to pass up an opportunity to work with them...

Meredith Shirk
CEO Svelte Media Inc.

Warrior Management was an absolute game changer for our $100million per year business!

I’m the co founder and CEO of the fitness and supplement brands V Shred and Sculpt Nation. When we started V Shred we assumed email was just a way to stay in contact with our customers and would probably make us a little extra revenue. We also thought it would be easy to manage and would be something an entry level staffer could do. Boy were we wrong on both accounts.

We quickly realized email wasn’t going to just be an extra way to stay in contact with our customers, but instead that it needed to be a major pillar of revenue in our company. We were getting a lot of buyers on the front end, but the advertising cost to acquire them left us with paper thin profit and we had no backend.

This meant we had no money left over to hire or to pay ourselves and just enough profit to keep the lights on and leave my partners and I working 18 hour days and burning out quick.

We scrambled to try and monetize our email list and quickly paid the very expensive dumb tax for not understanding how to properly manage a list.

We had no clue how to find high converting offers, write high converting email sales copy, how to optimize sales copy over time, and last but not least…we had zero understanding about deliverability…meaning once we tried to ramp up our email sends, we found our emails going to everyone's spam folder… we had no clue why… and we got in a dangerous situation with our cash flow.

We were on a sinking ship fast. If you are a business owner then you don’t need me to tell you that the early days of a startup feels like the walls are constantly closing in around you. You have a small team and you are low on cash, so even if you know what to fix, sometimes you literally don’t have the money or enough hours in the day to manage some new hard thing. With us, not only did we not have the manpower or the money, even worse we had no clue how to fix this. We were dead in the water.

I read everything I could about email and found several supposed “experts” that charged us money we didn’t have to give us useless advice. I didn’t need advice, I needed someone to step in and fix it…now.

Long story short, I frantically started asking every friend I had, posting in private Facebook groups, and talking to anyone I could to find someone who could help us fix our email situation before it was game over for our business.

Rapidly I started hearing the same companies name pop up over and over from friends and companies doing big numbers telling me, ”Do not try to do this yourself. This is way more complex than you think it is. You are going to sink your business and go under if you mess this up. When your email is ran and optimized properly it’s millions of dollars you are leaving on the table. Nick you need to call Tyler at Warrior Management now…They are a complete game changer.”

I got on the phone with Tyler and told him our situation and tried to hide the desperation in my voice. The more we talked the more I could feel the knot in my throat start to loosen.

Finding Tyler and Warrior Management was an absolute God send. We flat out could not have built this brand if we hadn’t found Warrior Management when we did.

Within days they had taken over our email from A to Z. The tech, the deliverability, writing the sales copy, handling the offers, managing the day to day list health etc...

And the best part? Because Tyler is a business owner himself, he gets it and really wants to help and protect entrepreneurs. So, even though he could and probably should rake clients over the coals with the value he brings and the pain he removes from his clients life, his management fee is actually stacked wildly in your favor. On top of all the headache he removes from your life and the fact that they automate a giant piece of your business so you can think about the billion other hard things on your plate as a business owner, their pricing is so good he makes it a no brainer.

As soon as he took it over, our email revenue skyrocketed. I had no clue our list was even capable of pumping out that much money per day and he wasn’t destroying our list. Our customers were actually much happier.

It changed everything. With the email list pumping out so much cash daily, it allowed us to spend even more money on advertising to acquire so many more buyers each day, it freed up cash flow so we could actually hire some much needed talent so we could be human again and work on scaling a healthy business instead of trapped in hell.

If you are struggling to get your mind around email, feel this gnawing feeling like your list should be making more money, or even more scary….you aren’t making money from your email list… I’ve been there.

Listen to me. Do not wait. Do not prioritize the other 7 billion things you know you need to do on your list above this. Move this to the top of your list and call Warrior Management NOW. It could be the difference in you shutting down your company or scaling it to a monster brand or at least having a nice healthy business.

There aren’t many things in business that are “flip a switch” and get a massive financial win and a very hard piece of your business ran at the highest level possible, but Warrior Management is one of them.

Nick Daniel
Co-Founder and CEO of V Shred and Sculpt Nation

If you’re interested in learning more, submit the form below and we’ll reach out to schedule a call :-).

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